We Are Young Money – Album in Stores December 21st

1. Bedrock (feat. Lloyd)
2. New Shit
3. Pass Me the Dutch
4. Wifebeater
5. Fuck the Bullshit (feat. Birdman)
6. Ms. Parker
7. Target
8. Sacrifice
9. Every Girl
10. She Is Gone (feat. Pleasure P)
11. Girl I Got You
12. Gooder
13. Roger That
14. Steady Mobbin’ (feat. Gucci Mane)

Stunnaman from The Pack Interview


LegendBlog: Tell us little about yourself. What’s your name, What city are you from?

Stunnaman: My name is Stunna. I’m from Bekeley, California. 2800 Krakk Street to be exact !!

LegendBlog: Our blog is based out of Michigan so, what are some things about California life that people in other states might not know.

Stunnaman: Youcan buy weed on every corner. It’s turning into Amsterdam out here. It’s crazy right now, the west is the best! I really think you should really get out here and see for your self if you want to know what the west is like.

LegendBlog: How did you first get into making music?

Stunnaman: Summer Camp when I was like ten. But started takin’ it serious around 10th grade. I always been around that type of shit. My moms does poetry and is a great writer. My older brother is a producer. I just feel into line with that type of shit. My lil brothers rap also, Doe & Streets RNG ENT. They’re gonna kill it this year.

LegendBlog: Are you currently signed to a label? If so tell us a lil bit about your situation.

Stunnaman: I gotta go sign these papers of release from Jive next week and then I’ma free man. NEW MONEY!

LegendBlog: What are some qualities that you feel separates you from other artists?

Stunnaman: I’m me and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. You need that now a days. Not to say I’m one minded. But I gotta keep me happy.

LegendBlog: Who are some artists you have done work with in the past?

Stunnaman: Well off top, R.N.G ENT my brothers Doe and Streets, High Beats..The Pack of course, new shit drops in December. The Pack is back!! The Cataracs from Berkeley. Also Trouble Andrews and the Trouble Gang Records, We Here!! Check my big homie Trouble. He’s ill as fuck, he’s gonna slap the game this year. Alot of people mane, I just keep myself linked with the illest.

LegendBlog: What upcoming projects are you working on?

My project called Legendary. A free LP. Clothing line will drop also through EZ Clothing. EZ is the best luxury streetwear a man can buy. Big shit poppin this year. EZ Clothing Company Jon What Up!

LegendBlog: Are there any artists out there you would like to work with but haven’t got the chance?

Stunnaman: Anyone dope who wants to work with me.

LegendBlog: Who are a few of your favorite artists out right now?

Stunnaman: My brothers, R.N.G ENT Doe & Streets. They the shit! Trouble Andrews, we the hottest to ever hit the scene. The Pack, and the Cataracs. Basically everyone that’s us. I don’t listen to nobody I don’t know.

LegendBlog: How much do you charge for features or shows?

Stunnaman: 2800STUNNAMAN@GMAIL.COM Hit me up and find out.

LegendBlog: What are some things about the music business that most people probably wouldn’t know?

Stunnaman: That this shit is all business. The faster you get that right, the faster you will blow. Nobody makes it over night. No one! Everyone you see that shines has put in work. You can choose to see it or not.

LegendBlog: What advice would you give to people trying to get into this line of work?

Stunnaman: WORK !!

LegendBlog: Where can the people go to find out more about you and the work that you do?




Stunnaman – “G.E.D” ft. Tyga