BloodBath x Brooklyn Projects “City Of Roses” T-Shirts.

To commemorate BP’s new Pasadena location, BloodBath has teamed up with Brooklyn Projects to create a limited edition t-shirt entitled: “City Of Roses”

The front graphic features an “LA” lettermark filled with intricate hand drawn roses, with petals gently floating off of it.

Above the letter “A” is a tonal halo made of thorns in a clear gel ink.

The backside of the shirt blasts a roll call of both entities in drippy calligraphy.  A big “&” symbol is overlaid the graphic in a clear gel ink.

A super limited quantity of both Black and White colorways will be available at Brooklyn Projects (Pasadena) – drop date TBA.

BloodBath will be dropping a new colorway shortly after the drop at BP.

For more details, log onto: /