Prada Leary – Boomerang


boomerang pics

As a former member of the music group Via Marz, musician, Prada Leary is ready to run solo. Calling him a rapper would be typical. Prada can be categorized as a virtuoso. His fuel for creativity stems from all sorts of music. Though he does rap, most of his work has an electronic feel with a light hip hop background. The Name Prada Leary comes from two different sets of egos: his old rap name “prodigy” shortened to Prada and Leary which comes from the most influential leader of the hippie movement, Timothy Leary.  Prada has two projects set to be released late spring. 

Check out Prada’s latest single Boomerang below:

Rosco P – Zoo

New video by Rosco P of the Zoo Crew. The video features his take on Jay-Z’s Tom Ford record. The video was directed by @Consigliaire_ of Red Panda Media. I hope you all enjoy the video. Make sure you like, subscribe and share to show your support.

Who is 2Dope?

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A short interview with Michigan rap artist 2Dope. Get to know a little more about him and what he has been up to and has coming. Follow 2dope on Twitter @thefamous2dope @thereal2dope. Check all of his music at SoundCloud. Follow him on Instagram at @thefamous2dope. Follow 2dope on Instagram at Follow him on instagram at @thefamous2dope. Also follow @ogcarmine @donnyd517 @consigliaire_

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