INTERVIEW: Jovany Perez & Rembrandt Duran Of Adeen

Check this interview the folks at the goodie bag did on the the team that created “Adeen”-an online based magazine as well as a brand name in fashion.

How was Adeen / Adeen Magazine started?  What motivated you to start Adeen / Adeen Magazine?

Remy: Adeen was a word that my old crew “HLS” used to use.  Like a made-up slang word.  So it sounds cool pretty much haha.  We started it as an online diary so people could watch what we were doing and how our minds change and progress as artists.

Jovany: Well, Remy and I went to the same high school.  I admired his style and vice-versa.  They used to call me “Lil Remy” so it was only right!  Adeen Magazine was made to keep up with us as we are a clothing line in the works.

What is the mission behind Adeen / Adeen Magazine?

Remy: Adeen to me is to bring the fun back into fashion.  Everyone takes it so seriously and seems like there are certain rules now to what you can and can’t do in fashion.  That’s wack!  To me it’s an art and a vision.  People need to really stop and begin to have fun when creating instead of trying to be so “cool”.

Jovany: The mission behind Adeen Magazine is to view the progression of Adeen as a clothing label and team of two.  The mission statement behind Adeen is “Inspire before you expire!”

Where does the word “Adeen” come from and what does it mean?

Remy: What Jovany said LOL.

Jovany: Adeen is a word Remy made up LOL.  You would substitute it for the word “OD”.  Instead of saying, “That jacket is OD nice” you would say “That jacket is Adeen nice” LOL.  It sounded cool to me so we just ran with it.

When do you plan on launching your clothing line?

We are currently planning on launching Adeen in F / W ’11 or S / S ’12.

What are your plans for Adeen in the future?

To show people what we are capable of, what we can come up with and turn it into an actual product.  To keep pushing the label and growing as individuals and making Adeen the best it can be.

How did the Young Crafters movement come about?  What is the mission statement behind it?  How did you link up with Diggy Simmons and Lyna Zerrouki?

Jovany: Diggy and I were sort of cool before Young Crafters came about.  One day he just hit me up on Twitter and we spoke on AIM that night.  We were just dishing out ideas back and forth, and by the end of the night Young Crafters was born.  Diggy knew Lyna through a mutual friend.

What was it like styling for the 2010 BET Rip The Runway event alongside Great $cott?  How did you meet Great $cott and what was it like learning from him?

Remy: It was a great experience.  It was our first major styling job.  Jovany and I have seen Scott a few times before we actually met, but we officially met and build our relationship with him at Fashion Week.  We’re honoured to have been able to learn from him.  He’s someone we greatly look up to.  He learns from us just as much as we learn from him.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us?  Do you have anyone you’d like to shout-out?

Shouts to Great $cott, Lyna, Diggy, Ugo Mozie, and HustleGRL.  For more information check out

Via: The goodie bag blog


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