Interview with Video Director Colin Tilley


LegendBLOG: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your name, What

city are you from?

Colin Tilley: My name is Colin Tilley, I was born on June 27th 1988… I’m an international music video director born and raised in Berkeley California.

LegendBLOG: Our blog is based out of Michigan so, what are some things

about California life that people in other state might not know. As

far as music and what’s popular out there, and just life in general

out there.

Colin Tilley: Cali…Damn, anything can happen out here, it’s the land of hustle and dreams. It gets way too hot in LA…. What’s popular…. ?

LegendBLOG: How did you first get into directing music videos/photography?

Colin Tilley: Being from Berkeley I grew up around a lot of Artists, The Pack, The Cataracs, a Bunch of Oakland rappers, etc… I didn’t make music, so I found my niche on the creative side and just jumped in head first with a handy cam about 2 years ago…

LegendBLOG: What are some qualities that you feel separates well done

music videos from bad music videos?

Colin Tilley: emotion, authenticity, creativity…

LegendBLOG: Who are some artists you have done work with in the past?

Colin Tilley: Jessie James, Electrik Red, The Cataracs, Dev, The Pack, Tyga, Bobby Brackins.

LegendBLOG: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Colin Tilley: I am shooting a German Rock Band this weekend, and am in post for about 3 other projects that I directed… I also do a lot of editing for other Directors on the side, so I am editing an Usher Commercial for his new Album, The Dream “ Sweat it out”, and a Trailer for Ryan Leslie’s DOC…

LegendBLOG: Are there any artists out there you would like to work

with but haven’t got the chance?

Colin Tilley: I would love to work with a group like The White Lies.

LegendBLOG: Who are a few of your favorite artists out right now?

Colin Tilley: Honestly, my favorite artist changes weekly. I listen to real soft and cinematic music…BUT, If I had to pick a favorite it’d be my boys The Catarcs… They will be legends in a couple years..

LegendBLOG: How much do you charge for your work?

Colin Tilley: LOL…hit my email to find out.

LegendBLOG: What are some things about the video business that most

people probably wouldn’t know?

Colin Tilley: People are fuckin’ merciless…

LegendBLOG: What advice would you give to people trying to get into

this line of work?

Colin Tilley: Just go out and start filming shit. All you need is guts.

LegendBLOG: Where can the people go to find out more about you and the

work that you do?

Colin Tilley: &

LegendBLOG: Thanks for takin’ the time out to do this interview, we

really appreciate it.

Colin Tilley: Stay Legendary….

20 thoughts on “Interview with Video Director Colin Tilley

  1. colin tilley the truth!

  2. seriously CT is a legend. Great post.

  3. Thank you for the comments. Appreciate the love.

  4. Representing Berkeley to the fullest! thats my boy!


  5. Brilliant advice. Loving his Chrisbown and Chipmunk Video Champion

  6. colin tilley brilliant

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  8. I love ur works.what would it take for some one to become a great music video director like u

  9. this is the real director which i’ve never seen

  10. Colin Tiley The best ever!!

  11. want to do like you one day!!!!

  12. want to do like you

  13. where do find find you inspiraton or how do you find it !!!

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  15. men i realy like this man i wish he could be my bother, but men i ein’t gat nah tools of that brilliant colins

  16. superior quality in your productions…!

  17. chris brown know choose producer…

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  19. One day I will be like you CT. Your my model. One love from africa, I was born 9 days after you, same year. Lool.

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