Kanye still the best rapper

Ever since through the wire I been a big kanye fan. Every C.D. gets better and better, even the mixtapes are some of the best. After 808’s & Heartbreak some wonder if kanye will can still rap anymore. Well after you listen to these two verses it should be no surprise just how serious his next C.D. is gonna be. The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party (USA AND OZ ONLY)

“I aint tryin to stress my wealth but sometime I gotta American Express Myself, and when the pastor ask me why im flashin, well sometime I gotta bless myself”

Kanye West Ft. Teriyaki Boyz- Teriya kings

[Audio http://dl041.zshare.net/stream/4a3a9f716f15eed2f3327fae416132e5/1247700580/62714339/05%20Kanye%20West%20-%20Teriya%20King%20_Feat.%20Teriyaki%20Boyz_.mp3%5D

Kanye West-American Express Myself

[Audio http://dl016.zshare.net/stream/5d2e632c15db2f4fae93bcb94040c777/1247700820/62714518/06%20Kanye%20West%20-%20American%20Express%20Myself.mp3%5D


One thought on “Kanye still the best rapper

  1. Q:If you really LOVE what you’re doing does being the best matter? A: NO, you just show and prove…Examples 1. Tiger Woods-arguably the best golfer of the modern age and he was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2008. It was said ON-AIR that the only way to stop him would be to lynch him, then the follow week an issue of Golfweek magazine prints a noose on the cover, Tiger’s response nada. He doesn’t sya a word really he just keeps playing and beating them and you can’t argue with a winner. Rap-wise though, Kanye is like the phantom of 106 & Park. He’s got very low-self esteem and the more money he’s gotten the worse his music’s become. SERIOUSLY compare the lyrical genius and production value of college dropout to anything else he’s made and it’s just sad. I’m sorry his mother passed and truthfully I think this is why he’s becoming such a depressive musician, I wish the best for him. It’s not that can’t rap, but what is he really saying now that hasn’t been said? WE KNOW you’ve got money okay that’s great. Women? That sort of comes with the territory (no pun intended), and what else “fresh clothes” well I guess if you want that to be the bane of you existance then fine, but I don’t need to make excuses to wear bright colors and I’m broke and happy. LOVE!

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