Juelz Santana – Santana’s Town Mixtape

01.Drink it Out the Bottle                                   [01:12]
   02.Days of Our Lives                                         [03:23]
   03.Hottest in the Hood                                       [01:27]
   04.After Disaster                                            [04:39]
   05.Rollers & Riders (Feat. Lil Wayne)                        [03:12]
   06.She Gotta Friend                                          [02:29]
   07.Fiya                                                      [01:27]
   08.I Am Your Lover                                           [01:40]
   09.Ridin                                                     [03:14]
   10.Epiphany                                                  [00:51]
   11.I Am the Club                                             [03:29]
   12.Shake that Ass                                            [03:16]
   13.Mazi                                                      [00:59]
   14.Simple                                                    [01:04]
   15.Rockin that                                               [01:14]
   16.Guy Like Me (Feat. Lil Wayne)                             [03:54]
   17.Rock Hard (Feat. Lil Wayne)                               [03:07]
   18.By Myself (Feat. Lil Wayne)                               [04:03]
   19.1 Arm (Feat. Lil Wayne)                                   [03:07]
   20.Down                                                      [03:57]
   21.My Love                                                   [03:09]
   22.Who Am I                                                  [04:17]
   23.Santana                                                   [04:16]
   24.More than Music                                           [01:24]
   25.Let the Guns Go                                           [04:06]
   26.45th & Broadway                                           [04:23]

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