Interview With Young Bob


LegendBlog: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your name, What city are you from?

Young Bob: My name is Bobby Brackins Im from Oakland, CA

LegendBlog: Our blog is based out of Michigan so, what are some things about California life that people in other state might not know.

Young Bob: As far as music and what’s popular out there, and just life in general out there.
The Bay is a melting pot of culture and diversity. It has some beautiful city’s and real down to earth people. Drugs and crime plauge certain areas of the Bay, but the Bay is one of the best places on earth to grow up and raise a family. I live in La now and its great. Alot of places to go and people to see. I’m never bored out there. It has the most beautiful women i’ve ever seen and alot of material things to aspire towards. I love coming back to the bay to humble me down.

LegendBlog: How did you first get into making music?

Young Bob: I’ve always been around music, my dad would take me to the studio since i was a baby. I would go watch recording sessions and be amazed. I started a rap group called “GO DAV” in highschool and we experianced moderate success and got are hit single the radio and signed a deal with T-Pains Manager. The group had complications and i felt it was time for me to pursue solo endevours.

LegendBlog: Are you currently signed to a label? If so tell us a lil bit about your situation.

Young Bob: Yea im signed to T.S.E/ Koch, its a indie label and i got a really good deal. I have two managers excited about working my solo project that have major connections. Im happy about my situation.

LegendBlog: What are some qualities that you feel separates you from other artists?

Young Bob: Im super down to earth, alot of people who get a lil popular start thinking they are some kind of God and lose thier intergrity. Some may consider me cocky i just know im great at what i do and that I make hits, but i still am real and have a lot to accomplish.

LegendBlog: Who are some artists you have done work with in the past?

Young Bob: Although GO DAV didnt work out i learned a lot form each individual member. Especially The Jynx. The Jynx and myself wrote the majority of the GO DAV hooks and came up with the majority of the song concepts. I’ve made songs with Mistah Fab, Clyde Carson, The Jacka, The Pack, and The Cataracs and many more. Those are just some of the ppl in the bay I listen to. I’ve got production from my Hit maker Nic-Nac, he is probably the most talented producer in my opinion. Also Traxamillion, T-case, and even Timberland.

LegendBlog: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Young Bob: I just droped a Free Cd, you can download it from my myspace.
I’ve just been working on my Solo album, and living my legacy.

LegendBlog: Are there any artists out there you would like to work with but haven’t got the chance?

Young Bob: Yea I wanna make music with C-Lo, Drake, Gwen Stafani, Jerimiah, Fabulous, Kid Cudi, Rihanna, Wayne, Green day, The 2am Club, Miguel and many more. I honestly love music and would work with anyone who is talented. There are alot of ppl who should not be making music, im sorry. A lot of artist suck and i would never give them the time of day.

LegendBlog: Who are a few of your favorite artists out right now?

Young Bob: Miguel, and Drake. They are young and extra talented.

LegendBlog: How much do you charge for features or shows

Young Bob: It varies, If i respect an artist work then I mostley will colab for free. If its an artist whos music i dont particularly care for im forsure making them cash out. Shows vary too, its just all situational.

LegendBlog: What are some things about the music business that most people probably wouldn’t know?

Young Bob: The music biz makes a lot of people go crazy and lose sight of who they are. There are a lot of talented artist who arent mentally strong enough for the biz. The music bix is more than corrupt, it will minipulate and rape artist ruthlessly

LegendBlog: What advice would you give to people trying to get into this line of work?

Young Bob: If you are trure to urself and make good music, then just get ur music out there and if ppl like it then push and develop a following. If u stuggle to attain a fanbase then try something else, this shit aint for everybody.

Thanks for takin’ the time out to do this interview.