Interview with Video Director: Aris Jerome


LegendBLOG: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your name, What city are you from?

Aris: Whatsup I’m Aris Jerome from Fremont, California.

LegendBLOG: Our blog is based out of Michigan so, what are some things about California life that people in other state might not know.  As far as music and what’s popular out there, and just life in general out there.

Aris: Out here in California there is pretty much every kind of lifestyle you can think of. We have every race especially in the Bay Area. So growing up here you learn that every one is different at an early age. Its a wild party state out here. People love just having a good time and it shows in the music. Whether its rock bands like Blink 182 and Green Day or rap artists like E-40 and Snoop. They all come from cali and represent a certain life style. Plus the weed out here is crazy in Cali. Especially in the Bay thats where its at. So I guess you can say that effects the music too.

LegendBLOG: How did you first get into directing music videos/photography?

Aris: I’ve always been around music. My mom would always take me around in her car as a baby slappin’ some old rnb. My brother always listened to rap/hip hop. When I was in elementary school I didn’t really understand the whole music video concept. My older brother was always watching music videos so he got me stuck on that. I started watching videos all the time. I would always be like ” man I can make a video like that”. I was always into doing creative things growing up. Just different kinds of art. I wasn’t really into other classes in school so I took random art and history of film classes throughout junior high and high school. I had my first camcorder around freshman year. It was a cheap $100 camera that I took everywhere and filmed everything. Parties, school, and random functions. Then I would go home and edit it all together just for fun. Then I got into making beats. So I would fuck with fruity loops, reason, and then got a motif keyboard. I just liked editing. I kind of got out of the music producing idea since everybody and there uncle does it out here and decided to buy a camera. A Canon hv30. I put together random videos of Hot Import Nights and Halloween in San Diego. I liked the HD look and bought another camera called the D90 its a little SLR that takes photos and video. I hit up my boy Freddy Benz like ” lets do a video!” we did a song called Gimme that Drank and i took some photos for his promo. It got me used to the camera so I ran into this group the stickup kiddz. They added me on myspace and I had heard that song Turf Banga before. So I told them we should do a video for that. Filmed and edited that video in one weekend and it got me a lot of work.

LegendBLOG: What are some qualities that you feel separates well done music videos from bad music videos?

Aris: I think what’s really important is the editing. You can turn bad footage into good footage with the right editing. Some videos look corny if they have some cheesy editing and just do too much. Then I would say the camera angles are important too. I haven’t took any classes that taught me how to do videos but I can tell what looks bad.

LegendBLOG: Who are some artists you have done work with in the past?
Aris: Since I wasn’t doing music videos before 09. When I was into making beats I did a track with The Jacka, Jynx (Go Dav), Young Gully and Young Dee from YH. Local artists with a lot of talent. You can google the song Do Whatever by Aris Jerome and find it. Its not the best track but yeah.

LegendBLOG: What upcoming projects are you working on?

Aris: Im filming / editing a interview of the Jacka for his album coming out June 16th. Check that out on DJ backside’s website June 6th. The release of Mr Dj which is Warren G’s video that I just got done helping them with. Other video releases that I’ve been holding. Some music videos with Uno from the Pack, NHT Boys, Big Rich, and his group Legends Live Forever.

LegendBLOG: Are there any artists out there you would like to work with but haven’t got the chance?

Aris: Once I really get out there Id like to work with a lot of mainstream artists. Juelz, kanye, nas, wayne, keyshia, and alicia keys. Just some really talented people. Even if they aren’t really big in the industry I just like working with talented people that I can learn from. I would also like to do videos for other genres of music. Alternative Rock, Reggae, and I still haven’t done and R&B video.

LegendBLOG: Who are a few of your favorite artists out right now?

Aris: The Jacka, Eminem and Juelz Santana. I stay slappin their shit. I also listen to a lot of random music. Old songs and rock songs.

LegendBLOG: How much do you charge for your work?

Aris: Right now around 1000 for a music video. I got bills to pay people.

LegendBLOG: What are some things about the video business that most people probably wouldn’t know?

Aris: The video business is mixed in with hollywood. Im not really out there but artists have told me what to watch out for. I can deal with shady people though. There are a lot of fakes out there.

LegendBLOG: What advice would you give to people trying to get into this line of work?

Aris: Just don’t give up. Take advice that people give you. You don’t necessarily have to follow it but just learn from it. You don’t have to buy a $10,000 camera to get started. My camera cost me about 1500 with the lens.

LegendBLOG: Where can the people go to find out more about you and the work that you do?

Aris: Im putting together this website with a friend right now. I also have a myspace, twitter, facebook, youtube, flickr, and a vimeo. haha. Man Im all over the net. GOOGLE ME!

LegendBLOG: Thanks for takin’ the time out to do this interview, we really appreciate it.

Aris: Anytime